Ark – Space

This wallpaper is 16:9 (2560×1440) – No 21:9 Support

Observation deck of the Ark from Galactic Conquest a sci-fi game featuring the earth and moon in this Live Wallpaper.

Ark – Space

When the Nuclear Apocalypse happened on May 10, 2052, there were 13 space stations orbiting Earth. Everyone assumed Earth was uninhabitable and that they were the only survivors. To pool resources and populations, the stations decided to merge into a single space habitat, the Ark.

Firstly the docking steps were initiated on October 1, 2054. However, when one of the stations, Polaris, failed to comply with the unification orders, Alpha Station launched a missile and destroyed it. The remaining 12 stations, which were from 12 nations, successfully joined together. All mentions of Polaris were wiped and the day was remembered as Unity Day.

As a result, the Ark expanded through the harvesting of satellites from Earth orbit. Strict steps were taken to ensure of the survival of the human race. Therefore limiting couples to only one child and punishing all crimes committed by adults with death. Finally, by 2149, the Ark’s original population of about 400 had grown to 2,659.

The Ark was intended to house survivors for 200 years. After it was believed that Earth would once again be survivable and could return to the ground. However, less than a century after unification, life support began to fail on the Ark. By 2148, even the best repair estimates had the work taking longer than the system could keep the population alive.

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