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Use our commission service to get a custom wallpaper made! Or donate to us to say thank you!

We provide commission services to bring your wallpaper of choice to life. By taking your requests and ideas we will, with extreme attention to detail convert your static wallpaper into a living animated one that you can feature on all your screens! Alternatively we also provide a collection of free wallpapers that you can find on the home page. You can also take a look at our Steam Workshop to subscribe to them.

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Hey there! 

I usually only create animated wallpapers based on my interests and upload them here for free.

But if you’d like to have one commissioned to your liking, I offer some flexible options below!

Or,if you’d just like to donate and support me ill leave that option here too 🙂

Standard Commission

Use our Standard Commission option to have your work done and added to the public collection

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