Snowy Night

This wallpaper is 16:9 (2560×1440) – 21:9 Supported

The road leading to the village of Craden in the snowy night featuring the snow in this Live Wallpaper.

Snowy Night

On January 1st 1255, a small group of children were born with incredible powers. Coming from all parts of the world, they all shared the ability to speak a forgotten language lost to the ages. This language was considered very dangerous as speaking the words often led to drastic events. As a result the elders thought it would be best to bury the language.

However, some elders considered this to be a gift and would secretly teach these children the ways of old. Eventually the elders and half the children ran away into the forest to start their own village free of the others. This village was called Craden. They had three rules. Firstly, never to contact the outside world. Secondly to only speak in the language of Maesha. And lastly to only use their powers for good.

However, one night the other elders found the village of Craden. They were fueled by anger and wanted to bring justice for the children. The remaining half of the children used their powers to besiege the village using the blaze of Lord Gaimin. A type of magic that had been forbidden before the dawn of the new era. The villagers were helpless against this type of magic. As a result they cast an ancient spell only used once by the first men.

“Arcasia son-duretre monse-u arctall” The land fell silent. The light from the sky dissipated. Fires stopped. Snow began to fall. For the next 1000 years, the village of Craden and the surrounding areas would be subject to an eternal winter. Thus the snowy night was born.