Starfleet – Star Trek

This wallpaper is 16:9 (2560×1440) – No 21:9 Support

The Starfleet logo from TV is forming in deep space in this Live Wallpaper.


Starfleet is the deep space exploratory and defense branch of the United Federation of Planets. Its roles include the advancement of knowledge. It also included the research of Federation science and technology and the defense of the Federation.

As a result of deep space exploration, its crew were in contact with aliens who weren’t known to the Federation. Therefore its officers acted as front-men in these cases. Additionally ships were also used to move ambassadors on missions. This was a very common task for most of the ships.

Before 2161, it was the primary exploration organization of the United Earth. Following the Federation, as per the Charter, United Earth Starfleet and any defensive services of the member worlds were combined into the Federation. Because of the nature of the federation, it had strict rules for everything.

However until late as the 2290s, some operations continued under the authority of UESPA. However by the mid-24th century, all operations were done by Starfleet Command. Answering to the Federation President and the Federation Council. The Federation tries to spread equality and peace.

In addition, Starfleet has always been a accepting organization. It includes species from different places. Even whilst previously it was under the control of United Earth and later on the United Federation of Planets. Therefore it was not a requirement for its staff to be from the Federation.