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Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful that you’ve found our work worth supporting. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve. 

If you have ordered a commission...

What’s next?

Your order details and requests should be processed soon (usually within 12-24 hours). After your order has been processed, I will contact you using your provided information and discuss the requests. When we’re both happy, I will send an invoice to your paypal. Once payment has been recieved I will begin work on your commission. In case you’d like to add something to your requests, change them or get in contact. Please email me at

Payment Method

I currently only accept Paypal as a payment method. Once your order has been received and processed I will contact you regarding the details of the commission. Once we’re both happy I will send you an invoice in which after payment has been cleared and received I will start work.

Delivery Times

I cannot guarantee a delivery date. Times vary, however all commissions take 100% priority over anything else. Smaller changes can take a couple days, where as bigger changes can take upwards of 7+ If you’d like to request any additional services feel free to contact me directly at

Additionally, you can add me on steam here and we can discuss your request via that as well

Delivery times vary greatly. To get a more accurate delivery range, contact me directly.

Revisions are an option to suggest an addition, change or remove features from the first completed version of the wallpaper.

If you’d like to contact support or me directly, use the contact form on the website.

Alternatively you can contact me at

If you believe there was a mistake in your order, contact support using the site contact feature or me directly at